Low wagering and casino bonuses

Online casinos often offer various kinds of bonuses to new and established players. Unfortunately, very few players know about these bonuses and when they lose their games or money, there is disappointment all around. This article will share some helpful tips about bonuses and online casinos. If you haven't yet registered in any casino, do so now by signing up at

Signup or Welcome Bonus

When you are signing up on your casino for the first time, you might receive a Welcome or Signup bonus. There are two kinds of welcome bonuses-Deposit and No Deposit Bonus. You receive the former only when you make an initial deposit with the casino. The quantum of your initial payment is indicated in the terms and conditions section of the casino's website.

  • Find your online casino by doing an online search
  • Never create your account on casinos that promise big money

There are two kinds of deposit-based welcome bonuses. In the first kind, casinos match your deposits with their own bonuses. If you deposited 40 dollars, your casino would pay you a bonus of the same amount. If your next deposit is 100 USD, the casino would match this amount as well. However, there is always an upper limit to the casino's matching bonus.

Percentage based bonuses and wagering requirements

Some other casinos give out their bonuses as percentages of players' deposits. Let's take an example. You deposit $100 and your casino offers you 50% bonus. This means you receive $50 as bonus. When you make the next deposit of $200, your casino extends a bonus of $100 @50%. Of course, there is always a limit to this kind of bonus.

Each bonus that you receive is subject to certain wagering requirements. Some of those conditions require low stakes while in others the stake size is high. There is no ideal definition of a low wagering requirement. If the condition is 1x, it definitely is a low wagering scenario where you have to just wager away your bonus amount. In 100x , the stake size is 100 times your bonus.

Advantages of low wagering

The number 1 benefit is that you can learn gambling with very low stakes. There are hundreds of online casinos that let you stake with just 1x your bonus. So, if your bonus is 10$, you need to stake this much money only. For just $10, you can gamble on a few games listed by your casino. This makes tremendous sense to first time gamblers.

  • Never place stakes while on public WiFi networks.
  • Once you hit a winning spree, prepare to leave your game to cut your losses.

Players also like low wagering casinos because they can withdraw their funds quite easily. In fact, several gambling websites make things easier for first timers by allowing them to redeem their winnings quickly and easily. Of course, in such cases, these players have to fulfill certain conditions set by their respective casinos. That said, its is not necessary you will win each game with a low stake.

Bonus terms and conditions

While every casino has its own set of T &Cs, it is worthwhile to understand some universal conditions. First, your bonus is not real money. it is virtual in nature and needs to be spent on gambling alone and nothing else. Second, your bonus needs to be spent in a certain time frame. That window period could be a week, a fortnight or even a month.

Your bonus cannot be spent on just any other game in your casino. Its usage is restricted to one or more than one games selected by your casino. Typically, casinos put a higher stake threshold on games that have low house edges. House edge refers to the mathematical advantage enjoyed by a casino on any game. Roulette has a high house edge, for example.


Other bonuses from casinos

Since there is a pretty high churn rate in the player community, online casinos often roll out Reload Bonuses for players who renew their casino accounts regularly. This means that topping your casino account can fetch you special bonuses. Not just that, casinos often reward players who consistently lay high bets. Such players are called High Rollers in online gambling parlance.

  • Before signing up, check out your targeted casino's payout ratio and history
  • Most casinos work with all the reputed payment providers such as Skrill, Neteller, American Express, etc.

There is also a Preferred Deposit Bonus for players who open their accounts using preferred payment gateways. Let's say you open an account via Skrill which is a preferred partner of casino ABC. In this case, your casino might offer you a bonus as percent of your deposit made through Skrill. That percentage could be 5%, 10%, etc. Check with your casino whether it offers this kind of bonus.